Crazy Dog Person

Aside from the very mundane task of pattern tracing (and who really wants to see or hear about that?), I have no new projects that I can show you this week. I can say that I did work with a very lovely double gauze (no sneak peeks of this project this time, though) and now I am thinking that I would like to make a shirt out of it for the summer. I think it would be perfect for hot summer days.

I will also admit, I am now that (crazy dog) person. I spent an afternoon in the kitchen making…. dog treats.

Yesterday we finished up our “basic manners” obedience class and I thought that I would whip up treats for everyone….. and for a few family members that we’ll see this weekend who have dogs too (seriously, I made a lot). Then I packaged them up and used my Cricut to make little tags to label them.

Now it’s back to some sewing. I am determined to get the Rova Tank Dress started this weekend (and maybe toss in another NIco).