Lastest Project

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Somehow our weekend wound up being incredibly busy – games, brunches, haircuts, Easter festivities… you name it! Of course, that means that there was no time for sewing, which is a shame because I am incredibly behind on a few looming deadlines (that also means that I will be playing catch up the rest of the week and no fun, outside projects for me).

The only real project that I was able to complete was a confirmation gift for my niece (not photoed since there are times that my family may see this post) and a t-shirt for Easton’s birthday (he will turn 9, yes, 9! on Sunday). He is very into Roblox (online gaming) and had wanted a themed shirt. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of tees out there. But who needs to buy a shirt, when you can make one, right?

So, I cracked out the Cricut and came up with this design. I created the crown with the “Keep Calm” text in Design Space and then made the Roblox by transforming their .jpg logo into the .svg format. My original intent was to do the logo in red, but realized that I was short on iron-on vinyl by several inches so I went with a glow-in-the dark instead…. I think it lacks some ‘pop’, but when he turns out the lights, I’m sure he’ll be impressed.