What happened to spring? With the way our weather during winter, I thought that it might be fall before I ever got to sew up the Marie-Claude Raglan Pullover. However, after a weekend of bone-chilling soccer, I realized this is the perfect time!

For my first version, I used a performance jersey that I had picked up ages ago at Joann (they were originally earmarked for leggings, but never got made) – unlike some of their other athleisure materials, this one has a ‘fuzzy’ underside that seems a lot warmer than most…. perfect! Since I had only a 1 1/4 yards of this I opted to go with view A with the thumb hole sleeve cuffs (even though the pattern calls for 1 3/4, I was able to cut everything out without any problems). Putting this one together was very straightforward and the fit is good…. but best of all? This raglan feels warm. So, I’m set for the next chilly game (which means it will suddenly get blazing hot for the rest of our games). Next up, the hooded version of this pattern!

2 thoughts on “Marie-Claude

  1. Colleen Patterson

    Ya know, either you, you win in this scenario-either it will be cold and you’ll be smugly comfortable, or it will be hot and you can revel in the return of sunshine and warmth and tuck is safely into the cold weather gear for next year!

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