One of the new Jalie releases that I was most excited about was the Loulouxe skort. This seems like a great alternative to shorts this summer and reminded me a lot of Lululemon’s brand of skirts – so it’s trendy, but without the $68 price tag!

For my first version I used a Paisley Performance Apparel print (for the skirt) and a black wicking knit (for the shorts) both from Joann’s… between sales and coupons I made this skort for under $20!

So let’s talk construction. This project was a lot simpler to put together than what I anticipated. The pieces came together nicely and I was able to sew this one up in a day. The shorts have several ‘options’ including side pockets and an optional hem band. I went with both and a really happy that I did – the pockets will definitely come in handy and even my bulky cell phone fits into it. I also like that the waistband has both the stretchy band itself and a bit of elastic across the top to give it some added support to keep the skirt fitting nicely across the waist.

As for the fit. I love it. When I measured myself, I was a bit in between two sizes, so I opted to go with the larger of the two (I have thick thighs and thought that would assure that the shorts weren’t too tight too)…. and I am glad I did. The fit on this one is great, the waist doesn’t slide down and the shorts aren’t too snug. And gosh darn it, it’s cute on. I can see a lot more of these in my future – especially in a mix and match print. Now I just need some new tops to go with it.

2 thoughts on “Loulouxe

  1. SewRusty

    Cute! Joann’s has some seriously cute “athletic” fabric all of a sudden, but I have to ask–is it any good? I usually am a sweaty betty at the best of times, but throw in 100% polyester and I look like I got drenched in a rainstorm. That’s why you don’t see me in ITY, even though it’s adorable print selection is like a siren call to me. 😉

    1. stacy Post author

      I have made a couple of things from their athletic fabric and have liked it. With that said, I have never worn it during the summer so I have no idea how hot it will make me… my guess is that they might get pretty warm. This fabric is on the thicker side (I think you could easily use this as a swim material) They have some wicking materials now – it is much thinner than what I’ve gotten from other stores so I’m anxious to see how they perform too.

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