It seems as if I go through spurts of specified craftiness. Sometimes it might be sewing, sometimes the Cricut, and sometimes it’s embroidery (or apparently it is this week) .

Even though this is for one of those “behind the scenes” sewing projects that I can’t show you just yet, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of this design. I’ve had my eye on Urban Thread’s Briar Rose for quite awhile and was excited to finally find a good excuse to use it. In my typical fashion, I changed up the thread list because I wanted to roses to pop on the black background. This also meant I had to stitch this one out a couple of times before I was happy with my color mix.

I have one more of these that I plan on stitching out today (this design\size combination is roughly 120 minutes of embroidery time) which I suspect will take up the rest of my morning (because if I walk away from my machine, it is guaranteed to either stop for one reason or another)…. maybe I’ll even get the opportunity to trace out another pattern while it works!