Jane #2, With Modifications

Yesterday I had mentioned that I was inspired to make a shirt that I had seen in a store…. and today it’s sitting on my dressform.

It’s hard to believe that I used the same pattern as what I did the other day, but the Jane as the basis of this top, but with several modifications:

  • Most noticeably, I made the keyhole insert in the neckline and added binding around it to finish the edges. I sort of ‘winged’ this part and in retrospect, I wish I would have made it more of a teardrop shape instead of a ‘U’ cut.
  • The original pattern instructions has you inserting the neckline like a ribbing, but since the raw edges of it would be exposed if sewn way, I needed to create a binding instead. To do this, I trimmed off the seam allowance along the top edge of the shirt and cut neck band 2 1/2″ wide. Then I folded the neckband in half (wrong sides together), opened out the band, then brought the raw edges to meet the crease, then folded it in half again. When it came to sewing, I simply attached it like you would bias tape.
  • I lengthened the top by 1 1/2″, but shortened the sleeves by almost as much. I think I could have shortened the sleeves even more, but I was afraid that they would hit at an odd spot on my arm so I was a bit conservative.
  • I also created a somewhat less boxy shape. I brought in the bust a smidge to make it more fitted across the chest and flared out the bottom edge to make it more billowy. I would have liked to make it more noticeably flared, but I just didn’t have enough material to do it.

For those interested in the fabric, it’s from…. Joann’s. I stumbled across this one while shopping for notions the other day and it seemed like it was the perfect print for this project. It was surprisingly easy to work with but the yard that I got was just barely enough to make it (I would consider this a ‘one way design’ so you would need to use the ‘with nap’ type of pattern placement).