While I was out shopping, I spotted a shirt that I decided I wanted to recreate myself. While I knew whatever I selected needed modifications, the base pattern needed to be a tee that was loose fitting. That’s when I realized, all the patterns that I own are fitted. So I searched around and found Jane, which appeared in January’s Seamwork, and decided to give it a go.

I settled on a fun, Paris skyline print that I picked up this fall (and never found the right pattern to use with it). While I had plenty of material for the body of the shirt, I couldn’t eek out enough for sleeves so I decided to do them in a contrasting color along with the neckband. The end result? I’m pretty sure it’s something you would find in the men’s section of PacSun. Between the boxy shape of the shirt and the longer, contrasting sleeves, this tee definitely has a masculine feel (the print doesn’t even look that feminine now either) and I can honestly say I’m disappointed with my end result. Fortunately, Taylor decided that she could put it to good use with a pair of boyfriend jeans so at least this isn’t a wadder.

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