Hoppy Easter Buckets

After a weekend soccer tournament (and probably the coldest games we’ve ever had), I was too exhausted to actually sew anything. I did decide to finally go ahead and make Taylor and Easton’s Easter baskets – thinking it would be a quick project to whip up. I may have been wrong.

I had purchased these buckets at Dollar Tree – they were quite the hot item so the only colors they had left was green. Since I loved the shape of them, I decided I could make it work (unfortunately, I had settled on purples for the vinyl so now they were inspired by the Joker).

For Easton’s I used a metallic vinyl and an Easter egg image from Design Space. Thankfully, everything went on well and easily.  For Taylor’s I used a free image from Love SVG and a glitter vinyl. I had heard people complain about glitter vinyl, but never understood…. until now. Not only was it difficult to weed (this image has a lot of intricate details, too), but getting it to remove from the paper and onto the bucket was next to impossible.

Now it’s back to sewing…. I figure I had better be productive this week since spring break kicks off next Monday and I’m fairly certain that nothing else will be accomplished (unless we have weather like we did this weekend and then we’re just staying in).