Milano Dolman

I initially started out working on the Lace Up Workout pants¬†that I kept mentioning last week…. then I put the pattern together and started reading the directions. Between not finding what size I need to cut to the instructions never indicating the size of the facings, I decided that this was probably not going to be a project I enjoyed working on so I scrapped it. Thankfully, Hot Patterns released their Milano Dolman, so I was able to work on that instead.

I didn’t think that the top on the dressform¬†looked as good as what it does on, so I took a quick bathroom selfie (I did have my husband take pictures, but somehow they all wound up crooked). This pattern was very easy to sew and came together beautifully. It does have A LOT OF EASE so choose your material wisely (in fact, you could probably go down at least one size and it not effect how this one fits) – it is very important that you fabric is fluid and has a lot of drape. Just as in the illustration, the neckline is rather large and I have to admit, I like it slightly off center (like I’m channeling the 80’s Flashdance shirts). The finished length is rather long as well (more along the line of tunic length, which hits me around the upper to mid thigh) and is designed to be pulled up along the hip with the excess slouched (which is why a drapey fabric is very important). I think this works great for the large band, but I think I would have to shorten the length if I went with the shirt band hem.

Overall, I like it – it’s comfy to wear and looks great with a pair of leggings. However, I can’t see myself sewing up a ton of these (if I did it again, I might try one size smaller) and as much as I would love to see this in a stripe, I would never want to match all those pieces (both the front and back have side panels).