Linky Thursday (on Friday)

The perfect project for weekend sewing – an adorable Swing Dress that can be worn as a tunic, too.

Trips to the farmer’s market are right around the corner and this basket tote would be the perfect way to carry your purchases.

Tired of the same old pencil pouches? This one has a unique shape (and looks fun to sew, too). Looking for something more traditional? This one is easy to sew and has a drawstring closure.

Get ready for Easter with a cute and colorful table runner or this shabby chic style burlap and ruffles version.

The hardest part of working with knits is adding the hem. Learn all the ways to finish your knit garment with this handy tutorial.

Need to pack a hot (curling or flat) iron? This tutorial is perfect for toting styling tools that have just been unplugged…. then you can pack that into your new overnight duffle or a fabulous weekender bag.

Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you’re not at your desk. This Sketchbook Cover is perfect for taking your materials on the go.

These baskets are not only easy to make, but perfect for Easter too! When you’re done, use your scraps to make this fun, patchwork bunny.

Whether you’re making a quilt or stitching a garment, one of the important parts of  sewing is coordinating colors. Find out what colors harmonize with each other with this great color wheel tutorial (and free printable).

There is no sewing involved in this project, but it’s so cute, I couldn’t help but share it. Woodland (stenciled) Onesies – complete with a tail on the back!

This diaper clutch looks super stylish and is waterproof, to boot!

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