Highlander Dolman

While surfing around last week, I saw that Striped Swallow had released a new pattern set. I wasn’t too keen on the joggers, but I totally fell in love with the Highlander Dolman – it’s one of those patterns that looks fairly ‘ordinary’ in the front, but has a great back…. so of course, I snagged it. I’m trying very hard to make sure that I use the patterns that I get in a more timely manner, so yesterday, I decided to sew it up.

After a lot digging through the stash, I finally settled on the double brushed poly coordinate set that I recently purchased from Knitpop. As for the pattern itself, it was very straightforward and easy to sew. I’m not a fan of how the bindings were attached to this shirt (back strap, t-band, & neckline), but that is totally a matter of (my) preference. The overall fit is great too. I was a bit concerned seeing how large the back cutout was (I went with the larger of the two so it would show off the floral design of the fabric better), but the top doesn’t want to slip out of place and it does look very dramatic when worn. I would definitely recommend using a fabric with great drape (which is listed in the pattern instructions) – anything stiff or heavy for the body of the top would look unflattering in the end.

Now that this is done, I’ve decided I need to make a matching leggings with the rest of my floral double brushed poly. Stay tuned for a complete look next week!