Box Cards

After finishing up several deadlines, I had a strong desire to do some selfish sewing, but I had also purchased a Valentine Box Card kit for the Cricut and knew I needed to do that before the holiday too. So, I opted to make cards….. All Day Long. And I really loved doing it! In fact after making Valentine’s for the family, I decided that I would make a birthday one for a friend, too.

These little guys are a lot of fun to make – and a lot easier than what you would think. Basically the machine cuts out all the elements you need and you glue them down, adding some embellishments and bits of accent paper as you go. Once you’re finished, you can fold them down, flat and slide them into an envelope.

Now I realize I don’t have nearly enough paper stashed to make more of these, but I definitely think that I will buy a few more box card sets – I really had fun working on them and I think they look impressive when popped open…. although I wonder if they wind up being cheaper in the long run than store bought?