Double Brushed Poly

It seems like social media has been talking a lot about leggings made by a company called LuLaRoe. For those that aren’t familiar with the brand, LuLaRoe creates clothing in a super comfortable double brushed poly (and in limited run prints – some that are quite fun). I have never worn anything in this material before, but understood it was quite similar to not wearing anything at all. What? Super comfy “pants” that come in funky prints? I’m sold. That’s right, after several months of seeing people talking about these leggings, I caved and bought a pair so I could check them out myself…. then I turned around and bought two more!

What I found most surprising is that this material is uber stretchy – a pair of one size leggings fits sizes 0-12 (they also have a tall and curvy brand, but I am not sure the exact size range of those). I know that I have ‘thicker thighs’, but I as able to wear these without the design stretching out of shape (or becoming thin)… and boy are the comfortable.

With my newfound love for this material, it only makes sense that I break down and purchase some for myself, right? On Friday I saw that Knitpop was having a bundle sale – and this is what I got…. 4 yards of yummy double brushed poly. So how does this compare to the material on the LuLaRoe leggings? The Knitpop fabric actually feels smoother and slightly thicker – like a better quality fabric. Now to give this material a whirl and see how it sews up…. if I could only decide what pattern to use with them!