Almost There

TheĀ Clover Convertible Bag project is dragging on…. it’s so apparent, even my husband commented how long it was taking me to finish this thing. Currently, I have the lining (along with another zippered pocket and a slip pocket) completely finished. Even though I was on a roll with this segment of the purse, I had to take a brief break because my zipper was never going to work (it was the closest that I could find at my local store) and wound up having to order one.

In short, I had originally ordered a parka zipper (which has a zipper on either end), but really did need the double purse zipper (the two zips meet in the middle and zip towards the ends) that was listed in the materials. I figured using the purse zipper would not only make it look nicer, it would be conveniently located when I actually have to get into the train case portion of the purse.

Once my purse zipper arrived a few days later, I began construction of the train case portion of the instructions. I got as far as inserting the zipper and just stopped…. There is such a tremendous amount of bulk I just struggled (and my machine too) to sew through it all. The worst part is, I’m not even done and I know it’s just going to be worse.

Tomorrow I have vowed that I am finishing this bag, which means that it will at least be completed in the same month as what I started in.