More Clover Construction

I realize taking a good photo of a bag in progress is next to impossible, but I had to share that (a majority – I still need to make the train case) of my bag is complete!

What you can’t see in the photo (why did I keep it wrong side out?) ┬áis that the bag has 2 front exterior (welted) pockets, the front lock closure, and snaps on both of the bag sides (to bring in the edges if desired). The front pockets are constructed┬áin a way that is unique to what I’ve ever sewn before, but turned out very nicely…. and best of all, when you unzip it, it looks like Harry and his friends are peeking out.

I’d like to say that the hardest part is behind me, but I still have the zippered train case (that is attached to the bottom of the bag) to make, but first, onto the lining!

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