If left to his own devices, Easton will play on the computer all day. So, on the weekends, I wind up making him take a break from it and find something else to do. This weekend, Easton literally laid on the floor complaining he had nothing to do. After giving him a ton of options, he finally took me up on my offer to make Valentine’s Day cards on the Cricut. We stated out with a simple card that has a cute image that you can color yourself (it also has punches that you can insert crayons) and morphed into making a shirt.

He stumbled across this project on the Cricut Design Space and decided it was the perfect project for him. It’s really made for appliques on a jacket back, but we made it work for iron ons and a t-shirt. Aside from the ironing, he did almost all the work himself and really enjoyed it – his exact words was “My mind is blown (that this machine can do this)”. The only unfortunate thing is that the “buttons” on the controller came out overly large and with the wrong spacing, so I wound up having to do that part by hand…. and I think it looks a bit sloppy. Otherwise, Easton is extraordinarily proud of the shirt he made himself. In fact, he’s wore it to school yesterday!