Pemberley Pullover

When Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Pemberley Pullover was originally released, I immediately snagged it up thinking that I would make fun cowl neck, athletic tops that would match some of the crazy leggings I had been making. Unfortunately, I realized that I never got enough fabric to do this, so the pattern just sat in my computer for ages. For whatever reason, I decided to give it a go yesterday and, after a very long search through my fabric stash (it probably took me as long to find the material that what it did to tape this pattern together), I decided that I would finally use the stripe sweatshirt knit that I had picked up from Gorgeous Fabrics last year.

The Pemberley is a mock crossover design top with a slightly raised hem in the front and an optional cowl neck – which is vastly different than other patterns I currently own. Overall, this one sewed up pretty quickly… except I really struggled with the mock crossover piece. I’m not sure if it was because I was tired and couldn’t figure out the instructions or if it was just the instructions themselves, but I did ‘wing’ this area. It worked out fine, but the bottom layer did not get stitched down entirely to the upper band as described. I also skipped the drawstring in the cowl because I didn’t have small enough cording to pull through the eyelets\grommets I had on hand.

According to the instructions, the pattern is slightly oversized because it is designed to be worn in layers. If you’re wanting to wear this as a shirt, you should go down 1 size (or 2 for something more fitted and in thinner material). Consequently, I decided to go down one size – and I’m glad I did, because I like the way this fits on me. The material on this one makes the finished shirt cozy, but still has a fabulous drape (especially for a sweatshirt knit) so I don’t feel like I’m wearing a sack.

So would I make this one again? I think so. I noticed this morning that Peek-a-boo Patterns announced a sew along for this top starting next week – I may attempt to find some athletic style fabric and give it another go, this time paying more attention to how I insert the mock crossover piece. If you’re interested in joining this one too, she’s running a sale on the Pemberley Pullover and the girl’s version, the Piccadilly Pullover (she didn’t mention how long the sale lasts, though).

Here is the price breakdown on my version:

Pattern….. $8.50
Fabric……. $24.00
Notions…. stash

Total $32.50

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