Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

This weekend, the weathermen predicted a devastating ice storm would whip through our area. Consequently, my big plans changed dramatically (we had postponements and cancelations well ahead of the storm’s arrival). You would think that would lead to more productivity in the sewing room, but I was fairly bummed out and found myself sitting on the couch, sulking, instead. I did, however, manage to cut out all the pieces to the Clover Convertible Bag I mentioned last week.

While it doesn’t look like much in the photo, there are a lot of piles of fabric and interfacing under those pattern pieces. Fortunately, there is a handy chart in the back of the instructions that helps keep you on track. Now that that’s finished, I need to focus in on fusing all that interfacing and get this project started….. maybe in a couple of days, I’m still pouting about my change of plans.

By the way, the weatherman got it completely wrong here – we wound up having a slight glaze of ice initially and then it rained the entire weekend.