On the Cutting Table

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I have a love\hate relationship with bags.” I tend to make a lot of them and overall enjoy sewing them, but I hate working with bulk (which with most professional looking bags, is inevitable). But what I hate most is seeing what I spent on the project. I realize what I am making is typically one of a kind and the end result is fabulous, but it’s always shocking to see the total (it’s also a great reminder that handmade doesn’t mean ‘cheap’).

My latest project is January’s Bag of the Month Club pattern, The Clover Convertible Bag. This is by a new designer to the group, Blue Calla Patterns, so I’m excited to give her patterns a try. As for fabrics, I decided that I would finally break down and use the Harry Potter custom fabric I ordered a while ago and then went in search of some other wizarding world fabric I could use for the lining (which I found at Joann’s). Fortunately, I had on hand some black pleather on hand which means that I didn’t have to order it and can start this one right away. Here’s the details (and shocking cost) of this project. If you’re interested in the hardware kit for this one, you can find it here.

Pattern: Bag of the Month Club’s Clover Convertible Bag

Harry Potter Newsprint fabric from KNITorious Fabric

Harry Potter Face print from Joann Fabrics

Black Pleather from Spandex House


Total $103.39

One thought on “On the Cutting Table

  1. Lora

    Ummm, yes. I agree about the cost. I am making two bags for me and my sister, and it is embarrassing and appalling how much I have spent on them. I’m doing them simply for the fun and challenge, because they are in no way cost efficient. Thanks for the great blog, I enjoy reading it!

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