Sew Distracted

With the extended break and nowhere to go, I would normally be sewing up a storm. However, this week I have had a bit of a distraction…. Our family has a new addition, Jynx, an 8 1/2 week old Pomchi (a Pomeranian\Chihuahua hybrid). She pretty much has two modes, high energy play and dead to the world asleep so taking a good photograph of her is next to impossible, but here she is on the verge of napping.

As you may have guessed, she’s very much like caring for a newborn, so most of my day has been devoted to playing (and supervising), potty training (which has gone pretty well so far, knock on wood), and resting (because she is exhausting!). I have a feeling that once we all settle into a routine that she will become my sewing room buddy and maybe some inspiration to make a few dog items, too!

As for sewing, I am attempting to finish up my last project of the year – a pair of Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Cozy Toe Socks! I have them about 3/4 of the way finished so I am fairly confident that they will be done before the new year arrives….. who knows maybe I might be able to squeeze in one more thing before 2017 arrives!

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