2017 Tea Towel Calendars

As much as I love handing out these tea towels as gifts, I think I’m safe in saying that I hate making them…. mostly because it’s just tedious work. With that said, I am proud to present to you the 2017 Tea Towel Calendars!

This year I made them for family, Easton’s teacher (I tied it up with a wooden spoon and paired it up with an ornament) , and of course, one for myself. I liked the way Spoonflower printed these off this year, as I was able to do a nice 1/2 finished seam on all of these (last year I had to do a 1/4″ hem otherwise I was folding back part of the design on a few towels) which definitely made for easier sewing…. which was a good thing because I was definitely working on these up to last minute gift giving yesterday! Anyone else doing last minute holiday sewing?


One thought on “2017 Tea Towel Calendars

  1. Sarah Cooley

    These are super cool! I’ll be sewing after Christmas for my nieces since we are meeting with them in a week or so. I think I’m going to make pencil cases. Merry Christmas!

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