Weekend Projects

The past few days I have been (attempting) to get ready for the holidays: Wrapping, baking, and last minute crafting.

First up, my attempt at glittered ornaments (I had mentioned these in a recent Linky Thursday post). Instead of using Mop ‘n Glo, I had read that a polyurethane actually worked better in setting the glitter…. and we had it on hand!

I will admit, the first round was not great – I learned that making sure your alcohol cleaned ornaments are properly dried is key, ‘sampler’ tubes of glitter does not provide enough coverage (go for the larger bottles), and that dropping one on the floor is every bit as messy as what you think it might be. A second round (not pictured) had a lot better results and I learned that polyurethane sticks just as well to plastic ornaments (which seemed like a wiser choice after breaking one and cleaning up the glitter mess) as what they do to glass! As for the decoration, I added various themes to the ornaments (generic holiday messages with the year, college logos, and this fun Santa Cam globe).

I also made a few more shirts! I couldn’t resist whipping up this Rise & Shine tee because I thought it was so funny. I’m currently using it as a sleep tee and love it. I also made a second Joyful top (you can see the previous version here). I went with a slightly larger image on this one and I think I like it even more.