The Latest

Yesterday was fairly productive day in the sewing room, as I finally finished up two projects. I had mentioned in yesterday’s post that I┬áhave been multitasking, but I should probably add that I’m not sure that it makes things go any faster. I find myself hopping back and forth in between projects enough that I never feel like I’m really accomplishing anything. With that said, here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on.

12-underwearFirst up, more boxer briefs. Given that one of these was a seasonal print, I figured I needed to get these done before the 25th so Easton could wear them before the holiday. I went up one size from the pair I made last week and I think that it has a much better fit in the legs. I’m not sure how the superheroes will work out, the material is much less stretchy than the others I’ve been working with.

12-towelsI also finished up a few sets of the embroidered tea towels for Easton’s religious education teachers. One thing I wanted to point out on these is the difference that I noticed in the stabilizer I used. The maroon version has a tear away. While the overall design looks ok, It doesn’t lay as flat and isn’t as ‘smooth’ as what I would have liked. In the green version, I used Vilene water soluble and I think the end result is more polished. I know that in the end I should have used a cutaway (if they plan to launder it and not just use them for display), but I didn’t have any on hand and decided to make do with what I had.