You know how you can tell that the holidays are right around the corner? You find yourself multitasking, working all the machines in your sewing room at once!


On the embroidery machine, towels for Easton’s religious education teachers. Sadly, I only finished one. I left the second towel unsupervised for awhile and didn’t notice that some of the excess material had fallen underneath the hoop so it began stitching itself together. I just scrapped it and decided that I would start over today.

On the sewing machine, Easton’s Christmas underpants (along with a second pair in a non-holiday print). Sadly, I didn’t finish those either, but only have the waistbands left on these, so I should have something to show tomorrow.

On the Cricut (not pictured), cutting vinyl to make stencils for wine glass etching. These are going into gift baskets for my in laws along with personalized cheese boards that I had made for them (and of course, treats). Today I also want to cut out the rooster from this site and slap it on a night shirt.