New Shirts

This weekend, one of my favorite little boutiques posted a cute shirt\outfit and I decided I really wanted one. ¬†Apparently everyone thought it was cute because it was sold out (even the scarf was gone)! So, I headed to the store to find a shirt so that I could embellish one myself (between sewing gifts and the holiday hub-bub I didn’t think I had time to make one) and here is what I came up with:



While I was out getting a blank shirt, I stumbled across what can only be described as “Ugly Christmas Leggings” (with Santas all over them)….. not only did I buy those, but decided I needed to have a themed shirt to go with it – hence the reindeer tee. I figure I can wear that to Easton’s school for his winter classroom party and look oddly festive.

With making these shirts, I can’t wait to start making my own tees (because the fit is so much better than either of these) and adding fun elements to them – which is 90% of the reason I purchased my Cricut machine.

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