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You know how you can tell that the holidays are right around the corner? You find yourself multitasking, working all the machines in your sewing room at once!


On the embroidery machine, towels for Easton’s religious education teachers. Sadly, I only finished one. I left the second towel unsupervised for awhile and didn’t notice that some of the excess material had fallen underneath the hoop so it began stitching itself together. I just scrapped it and decided that I would start over today.

On the sewing machine, Easton’s Christmas underpants (along with a second pair in a non-holiday print). Sadly, I didn’t finish those either, but only have the waistbands left on these, so I should have something to show tomorrow.

On the Cricut (not pictured), cutting vinyl to make stencils for wine glass etching. These are going into gift baskets for my in laws along with personalized cheese boards that I had made for them (and of course, treats). Today I also want to cut out the rooster from this site and slap it on a night shirt.


New Shirts

This weekend, one of my favorite little boutiques posted a cute shirt\outfit and I decided I really wanted one.  Apparently everyone thought it was cute because it was sold out (even the scarf was gone)! So, I headed to the store to find a shirt so that I could embellish one myself (between sewing gifts and the holiday hub-bub I didn’t think I had time to make one) and here is what I came up with:



While I was out getting a blank shirt, I stumbled across what can only be described as “Ugly Christmas Leggings” (with Santas all over them)….. not only did I buy those, but decided I needed to have a themed shirt to go with it – hence the reindeer tee. I figure I can wear that to Easton’s school for his winter classroom party and look oddly festive.

With making these shirts, I can’t wait to start making my own tees (because the fit is so much better than either of these) and adding fun elements to them – which is 90% of the reason I purchased my Cricut machine.

Boxer Briefs

12-boxerbriefsLast week I mentioned that I had a long ‘to-do list’. I am (slowly) crossing things off of it, like these underwear for Easton.

This is actually a tester pair of underwear – it’s been ages since I’ve made Jalie 3242 for him, so I wanted to check out the sizing (I didn’t measure him, I just guessed) before cutting into the fabric he really wanted me to use. The fit is really good, but I’ve decided to trace off the next size up because I can tell, with the way he’s been growing, they won’t fit for too much longer. By the way, he totally approved of this pair – he loves the feel of the material (as well as the print) and has requested more (and a matching pair for Dad).

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Mugs, Mugs, Mugs

I was reminded that there were 11 school days before winter break, which sent me into a panic…. what about teacher gifts? While I haven’t worked on anything for Easton’s two main teachers, I did manage to whip up a few things for his ‘specials teachers’ (speech, principal, music, etc.). This year I tried my hand a personalized mugs:


On the front, a festive message. On the back, the teacher’s name. I plan on filling them up with goodies and packaging them with a note and care instructions. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out, but best of all, the entire set came to under $10!

By the way, I learned that regular Cricut vinyl is temporary and shouldn’t be used for anything that will get wet and that I should use Oracal 651 instead. So, guess who has more coming in the mail this week in an array of colors?

Memory Pillows

One of my commissioned projects was to make a bunch of memory pillows for a friend of the family who’s father\grandfather passed away. Since it was close to the holidays, she wanted to have them to give to family members as gift to remember him by.


Originally, I had intended on using my embroidery machine to stitch out the ‘message’ on the pockets of the shirts, but the font got pretty tiny and looked ‘messy’ (IMHO) opted to use the Cricut instead….. honestly, I’m not sure which one would have been faster.

With these done, I’m hoping to tackle my next project (curtains) and then go back to making a few items for gifts and sneak in some selfish sewing too.

Family Ugly Sweater Tees

Whew! I have spent all morning working on my latest project: Ugly Christmas Sweater (tees) for the family to wear tomorrow while decorating the tree.


So, these are definitely not perfect, but I think they’ll work just for us. I noticed some areas that I missed weeding and Bret’s design is flipped…. I’m not quite sure what happened there. I had enlarged the design enough that I needed to use a larger mat and somehow it flipped the design and I never noticed. After these, I’m definitely putting a heat press on my Christmas list – my shoulders are aching after working on these…. let’s hope they don’t peel off in the wash now!

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