Turkey Hats

Whew, Thanksgiving has come and gone. We managed to eat copious amounts of food, take in a movie (Fantastic Beasts), do a bit of (online) shopping, and lounge around in our pjs…. but what about those Turkey Hats? I am happy to report they were finished….. Thanksgiving morning:


Apparently, I severely underestimated how long it would take me to finish four of these because I ran to my sewing room right after I put the turkey and put them together. While the hat itself is a piece of cake (although, beware, there was never a seam allowance listed and I think the fit of the hat was too small for Bret’s head), all the stuffing and turning of turkey legs and wings took some time to complete. I also cheated, I hot glued the stuffed bits on! I attempted to attach them by (hand) sewing them in place as directed, but they were pretty floppy (IMHO) after I filled them and hot glue seemed like a reasonable (and faster) option to get them done. The best part? The hot glue held up!

None the less, these hats were a hit! They were extremely hot to wear though so they didn’t last longer than 20 minutes before we had to peel them off. I’m very glad to have this behind me, I was getting tired of looking a tan fleece!