You may have noticed that there wasn’t a post yesterday. But with a bit of a break, I managed to accomplish a few things (and go to the dentist, too… I’m happy to report, I survived). First off, I have pie boxes! We never manage to make it to dessert after Thanksgiving so I’m sending guests home with their slice in a cute little container. I couldn’t resist trying this project – I did change up the materials some for my own spin, but it was fun and easy to put together.


Secondly, and probably most importantly, I cleaned my sewing room. A LOT. You can see the floor and table space. I still need a better system for my PDF patterns, but otherwise, it looks awesome in there. Want to take any bets on how long it will take me to trash it again?

I got fabric (in the mail). There’s no exclamation point after that sentence because I’m not overly thrilled with what I got. I had made an order through a custom group and ordered a Harley Quinn panel and understood that it would be 36 x 18 – plenty enough to make a tee, right? Well, it arrived in that size, but there’s 3 panels printed on the length – which is way too tiny to fit an adult. I also got anĀ adult size Arkham panel and think that the larger size looks blurry (like the image was blown up and was really meant to be smaller to look clear). So, I’m contemplating making them all into underwear, unless I get a more original idea that strikes me before I cut into it all.


I started the Turkey Hats. I’m hoping to finish these today – or at least get to stuffing the legs and wings. I can’t wait to wear it!