On the Cutting Table

10-turkeyFor AGES I have wanted a crazy turkey hat to wear on Thanksgiving. So much so that a few years ago, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend figured out how to crochet one for me to wear. Now, I get to sew one (or 4) up for myself.

Remember that pattern I pointed out in last week’s Linky Thursday? That is my next project! I headed to the fabric store (btw, tan fleece is hard to find, so I had to settle for brown…. our turkeys will look a little “undercooked” in comparison to the inspiration photo). I wound up picking up 2 yards (The pattern calls for 3/4 yard per hat, but I figured 2 would be plenty for multiples) – which was plenty enough material to make 4 hats. The best part? Because I have fiberfill on hand, the total price for this project came to $7.48! What a total bargain for a day of interesting photo opportunities.