Cora Complete

Last week I mentioned that my next project would be the Cora Tights. I’m happy to report that they are finished!


While the pattern looks daunting, overall it was pretty easy to put together – definitely more time consuming than a ‘regular’ pair of leggings, but I was still able to have these completely finished in a day. The fit is definitely more snug (which I know is necessary when you are running), however some of that could be due to my fabric choices which may have had a bit less stretch that others I have used. What I like most about these is that they are striking (the teal works better than what I anticipated, but I still wish I could have found more of a ‘space blue’) and can rival any workout pants from┬álululemon or Victoria Secret…. did I mention they have a cool pocket in the back, too?

You’ll definitely be seeing more of these in the future from me. Now that the weather is turning colder, I have a feeling that comfy pants will soon become a wardrobe staple!