Invisible Zips

10-invisible10-jumperAlright, I was wrong. The jacket was not the hardest part of the Pokemon Trainer costume… the jumper is. Actually, it’s not really that difficult. Yes, there are plenty of curves to sew, but the real challenge? Inserting a zipper into super stretchy fabric.┬áKeep in mind, this is not just any zipper, it’s an an invisible zipper…. without an invisible zipper foot. Now that was tricky.

I think because I kept in mind that ‘this is just a costume’ and not something destined for a “special occasion” (even though Halloween is pretty darn special), putting in the zipper was pretty painless… and looks darn good! The only real problem I see with this is that the finished edges of the material like to roll over the zipper too much making it difficult to zip up (although, this might be ‘fixed’ when it’s worn and the material is stretched across the body).

All that’s left to this one is adding the bindings to the neck and arm areas, which I hope to tackle today. A quick test fit, looks good, too – I’m very happy with my decision to go down one size. I’m anxious to see this whole look put together!