Trainer Jacket

10-jacketIt’s full steam ahead on Halloween sewing! I started off with what I assumed would be the most difficult part of the costume first, the jacket. The recommended fabric for this one is sweatshirt or double knit fabric – sadly, most sweatshirt material doesn’t have enough stretch and white double knit isn’t always available…. so I went with a white jersey (with 4-way stretch, even)!

Because my material has so much stretch and because McCall tends to run a bit big, I opted to go down one size. Unfortunately, when I cut the pattern\fabric for this, I thought I wanted a hood – then looked at my Pokemon Go character and realized there was just a short neckband….. and I had already discarded all the extra pieces. So, I winged it – and I think it turned out better than I anticipated (this way, the neckband isn’t as wide and comes up higher like in the game. So basically you use View B front and add a neckband in place of a hood).

10-trainerinspirationThe ‘accent’ pieces are a navy ‘swimsuit’ material. Which, as you can guess, was a bit more challenging to work with. Fortunately, I was able to set a fold mark with low heat, then spray basted the stripe to the sleeve and then sewed. I think I would recommend this method (over pinning) with any type of material since it keeps everything in place without distortion or shifting. I was also thrilled that I didn’t have any issues inserting the zipper into the knits – in hindsight, I wish I would have added a bit of interfacing along the edges where the zipper lays to make it more stable, but it’s a costume and the thought never really crossed my mind at the time.

As for the fit. I think it’s spot on – I’m definitely glad I went down a size. Now it’s time to tackle the jumpsuit! By the way, I’ve added an ‘inspiration’ photo on the right so you can see what I’m working toward.

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  1. Amy Eltzroth McDaniel

    Totally awesome! I love watching the progression of this costume as my husband and I love Pokémon too!

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