Pokemon Trainers

Several weeks ago, I had the brilliant idea to make Bret and I Halloween costumes – thinking that I still had plenty of time to work on them. Of course, with everyone home last week for Fall Break and parent\teacher conferences (hence the spotty posting last week), I found myself getting nothing accomplished….. so now I’m in panic mode thinking there’s not enough time to get it all done!

So what is this year’s theme? Pokemon Trainers! Yes, we’ve gotten sucked into the world of Pokemon Go so I thought this was a geeky, fun costume to make this year. I am going to be honest, I sort of dreaded giving the breakdown of this project but considering I’m making two costumes and will probably have some extra material left over the cost of this isn’t so bad after all.  So, without further ado, here it is:

<strong>Pattern: </strong>7486 & 7558 by McCall Patterns

Navy & Black Swim\Dance Spandex
White Cotton Spandex Knit

<strong>Pattern…..</strong> $3.98
<strong>Fabric…….</strong> $56.16
<strong>Notions….</strong> $4.72

<strong>Total</strong> $64.86

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