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Trainer Hat

10-hatHappy Halloween! I am happy to report that the Pokemon Trainer costume is complete! Unfortunately, a picture of the whole look put together will have to wait until tomorrow, because even as we speak, parts of the costume are still drying.

You see, one of the accessories I still needed was a hat. I stumbled across a blank baseball cap on clearance for $2…. unfortunately, I spent about 5 times that on fabric paint (I opted for Tulip’s Soft Fabric paints). I painted this one up to look just like the one my character wears in the game. While I had my brushes out, I also painted up a tennis ball to look like a Pokeball (not pictured). The end result is a bit more rough as I discovered that painting the fuzz is a lot trickier than what it seems.

Invisible Zips

10-invisible10-jumperAlright, I was wrong. The jacket was not the hardest part of the Pokemon Trainer costume… the jumper is. Actually, it’s not really that difficult. Yes, there are plenty of curves to sew, but the real challenge? Inserting a zipper into super stretchy fabric. Keep in mind, this is not just any zipper, it’s an an invisible zipper…. without an invisible zipper foot. Now that was tricky.

I think because I kept in mind that ‘this is just a costume’ and not something destined for a “special occasion” (even though Halloween is pretty darn special), putting in the zipper was pretty painless… and looks darn good! The only real problem I see with this is that the finished edges of the material like to roll over the zipper too much making it difficult to zip up (although, this might be ‘fixed’ when it’s worn and the material is stretched across the body).

All that’s left to this one is adding the bindings to the neck and arm areas, which I hope to tackle today. A quick test fit, looks good, too – I’m very happy with my decision to go down one size. I’m anxious to see this whole look put together!


Linky Thursday

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Stopping by Shwin & Shwin will not only land you a free bunny pattern, but you can check out how she made it in cork! I have got to try this ‘material’!

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Trainer Jacket

10-jacketIt’s full steam ahead on Halloween sewing! I started off with what I assumed would be the most difficult part of the costume first, the jacket. The recommended fabric for this one is sweatshirt or double knit fabric – sadly, most sweatshirt material doesn’t have enough stretch and white double knit isn’t always available…. so I went with a white jersey (with 4-way stretch, even)!

Because my material has so much stretch and because McCall tends to run a bit big, I opted to go down one size. Unfortunately, when I cut the pattern\fabric for this, I thought I wanted a hood – then looked at my Pokemon Go character and realized there was just a short neckband….. and I had already discarded all the extra pieces. So, I winged it – and I think it turned out better than I anticipated (this way, the neckband isn’t as wide and comes up higher like in the game. So basically you use View B front and add a neckband in place of a hood).

10-trainerinspirationThe ‘accent’ pieces are a navy ‘swimsuit’ material. Which, as you can guess, was a bit more challenging to work with. Fortunately, I was able to set a fold mark with low heat, then spray basted the stripe to the sleeve and then sewed. I think I would recommend this method (over pinning) with any type of material since it keeps everything in place without distortion or shifting. I was also thrilled that I didn’t have any issues inserting the zipper into the knits – in hindsight, I wish I would have added a bit of interfacing along the edges where the zipper lays to make it more stable, but it’s a costume and the thought never really crossed my mind at the time.

As for the fit. I think it’s spot on – I’m definitely glad I went down a size. Now it’s time to tackle the jumpsuit! By the way, I’ve added an ‘inspiration’ photo on the right so you can see what I’m working toward.

Go Vote!

10-colorblock2Yes, this shirt is from last week’s post and the title of this post has nothing to do with the election, I promise!

You see, I entered my colorblock (and suede pocket\elbow patch shirt) into a contest for Girl Charlee’s October Knit Pick’s and was selected as one of the finalists! Voting has started on their Facebook page, so be sure to head on over and cast your vote (even if it’s not for me, there’s a lot of great projects that were submitted) if you’re a member – voting ends tomorrow!

In the meantime, while I wait and see who wins, I’m back to work on my Pokemon Trainer costume – I’m hoping to finish up the jacket today!


Pokemon Trainers

Several weeks ago, I had the brilliant idea to make Bret and I Halloween costumes – thinking that I still had plenty of time to work on them. Of course, with everyone home last week for Fall Break and parent\teacher conferences (hence the spotty posting last week), I found myself getting nothing accomplished….. so now I’m in panic mode thinking there’s not enough time to get it all done!

So what is this year’s theme? Pokemon Trainers! Yes, we’ve gotten sucked into the world of Pokemon Go so I thought this was a geeky, fun costume to make this year. I am going to be honest, I sort of dreaded giving the breakdown of this project but considering I’m making two costumes and will probably have some extra material left over the cost of this isn’t so bad after all.  So, without further ado, here it is:

<strong>Pattern: </strong>7486 & 7558 by McCall Patterns

Navy & Black Swim\Dance Spandex
White Cotton Spandex Knit

<strong>Pattern…..</strong> $3.98
<strong>Fabric…….</strong> $56.16
<strong>Notions….</strong> $4.72

<strong>Total</strong> $64.86

Linky Thursday

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Color Blocking & MicroSuede

One more knock-off tee complete (Well, almost. I still have hems to place, more on that in a minute)! This time I used Papercut Pattern’s Enis Tee to create a color blocked version – minus the hem and sleeve bands. I also added a suede pocket (I wish I would have looked at my inspiration photo and noticed the pocket was completely square) and elbow patches.


As for the pocket, I just used an existing pattern piece that was already out (the pocket from the Bristol Button Up) so that I wouldn’t make it too small or too big. As for the elbow patches, I just winged it! I noticed that they were relatively large in the inspiration photo, so I created a template and scaled it down until it was the size I thought looked most like the photo. I attached the sleeve to the shirt first, pinned the sleeve and side seam in place, tried it on and pinned the patch in the position I wanted. Now all I have left are the hems – one drawback to omitting the sleeve bands (which is a design option in the instructions), is that the sleeves are really short without them (or I have much longer arms that what I realized) – you really need to add at least an 1″ to compensate for the lack of the band. Consequently, I’m going to have to make this area a narrow hem. Boo. Otherwise, I really like the way this one turned out. I may have to do more color blocking in some future shirts!

Pattern: Enis Tee by Papercut Patterns:

Burgandy Red Solid Cotton Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee
Papyrus Rayon Spandex from Joann’s
Tobacco Solid Microsuede from Joann’s
Total Cost:

Pattern….. stash
Fabric……. $22.41
Notions…. stash

Total $22.41

Floral & Stripe Raglan

10-floralstripeLast week I mentioned that I was looking to ‘knock-off’ a few shirts that I had seen at a local boutique store. To kick off my inspired sewing, I opted to sew up the raglan stripe\floral knit tee.

For this one, I used Peek-a-boo Pattern shop’s Rainier Raglan pattern – this one has a more relaxed fit and a wider neckband than some of the other versions I own so this one seemed most like the tee I originally saw. For the body of the shirt, I used a black and white jersey strip that I had been hoarding stashing from Gorgeous Fabrics and for the sleeves, I used the floral jersey from April’s Girl Charlee’s Knit Fix bag.

Since I’ve reviewed this pattern before, I’ll skip the low down on how it sewed up, but will say that this was easily put together and fits perfectly. I’m very happy with the end result! Here’s the breakdown of the cost of this one – keep in mind that the original tee in the store was $35.

Pattern: Rainier Raglan by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop:

Black & White stripe jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics
Small roses on black jersey from Girl Charlie Fabrics

Total Cost:

Pattern….. stash
Fabric……. $21.20
Notions…. stash

Total $21.20

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