Now Book Releases Part 1

With all the ‘secret sewing’ that I’ve been doing, I don’t have a lot of personal projects to show at the moment. So, instead, let’s talk about all the new books coming out!

09-bagstotesFirst up, one of my favorite websites Sew4Home is releasing their first title, Bags and Totes. This book contains 10 different sizes and styles of carryalls – from a pretty bow clutch and a vintage book bag (probably my favorite of the group) to a trendy cinch-top bag (also a favorite) and yoga mat sling bag.

I’ve always loved the bags that they’ve featured on their site and this book is no exception (I am guessing that several of these may have appeared on their site at one time and have since been taken down because they are published). Best of all, all the projects included in this title are considered easy to sew making it great for beginners and\or a quicker project for more advanced seamstresses). The instructions are detailed and there are plenty of illustrations to help you complete your finished tote – plus there’s a section that deals with closures\hardware and basic tips and techniques. One warning though, there are also no pattern pieces included in this book so be sure to get those rotary cutters and rulers ready to measure!

FYI – there is also an e-book available of this title and is currently on sale at the Interweave store.