09-cutworkI glitch in WordPress last week kept me from being able to post on Friday. So now that everything seems to be operating normally, I can finally show you another sneak peek at what I’ve been working on….. cutwork!

I did a lot of playing around with design combinations, etc. until I got the ones that I liked and so far the results have been a lot of fun….. I just wish there were more ‘open’ areas in some of the ones that I’m working on. ¬†Since I’m on a roll with cutwork, I may eventually pick up the Rose & Bone embroidery design¬†and use it for something Halloweenish, but since I have more ideas than time, we’ll see if that happens soon! In the mean time, I picked up a rhinestone zipper and need it shortened. I managed to find one video on how to do this, but didn’t know if anyone out there had experience themselves shortening one?