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Feather Top

09-feathersWhen I selected my Bolt fabrics, I decided to throw in the ‘feather print’ – it seems to be a very popular design and I’ve seen a lot of people transforming them into fun items. So I decided to make myself a new top in time to wear for the weekend using my print and  Jalie’s dolman top….

This is just not working for me. I even let this sit on my dressform for a few days thinking that I would grow to like it. While I’ve made several items from the dolman pattern and love them, I think it’s the print that doesn’t work with this version. I feel very matronly when I put it on and it sort of reminds me of a pajama or scrub top. I may recycle this fabric and turn them into some cute underwear (it has a great 4-way stretch) or something that involves less print.

Coming Soon

09-buttonholeOver the past several weeks, I’ve been working on several projects that have yet to be released. One of them is (another) tester pattern, this time for Peek-a-boo Patterns (if you follow her Facebook page you can probably figure out which one it is). The official release date for this pattern is Thursday (it will also be discounted on release day as well).

In the meantime, here is a glimpse of it in progress. For my version, I opted to use a shirting flannel from Joann – it had a nice drape (I really didn’t want a heavy stiff material) and I fell in love with the color. While the fabric was easy to find, the buttons were not…. what in the heck happened to their button section? I couldn’t even find navy buttons (I really wanted a hot pink or purple that would match, but that, apparently, is asking too much)!

Mini Patchwork Projects

09-patchworkA lot of times when you hear the word “patchwork”, an image of quilts will pop into your head. As much as I love them, I don’t have the time or patience to make many of them…. but I do have time for Mini Patchwork Projects!  This is a new book by British fabric and pattern designer, Beth Studley, tackles 6 adorable patterns that can be easily created in a day.

Included in this book are the instructions to make a fun picture garland, reversible trinket bowls, a great petalled pin cushion, a hexi needlecase, curvy coaster set, and a notebook cover (all are featured on the cover photo). Even if you’re not familiar with the techniques listed, they are described in the back of the book along with all of the templates necessary to complete the projects. This book is a good introduction to a variety of ‘quilting’ styles, but on a smaller, more manageable scale. The projects themselves are cute, functional, and an easy way to use up those fabric scraps! I’m hoping to eventually tackle the pincushion…. because we all know I sort of have a pincushion obsession!

Linky Thursday

Get baby snuggly and dry after bath time with this free hooded towel tutorial.

I need a new wallet! This one was plenty of pockets and seems to be a nice size. Or maybe I just need a good purse organizer.

Show someone some low with a pair of these koi plushies.

Get 25% off your order of My Image & B Trendy pattern magazines by using the coupon code STACYSEWS at checkout!

Keep the everyone’s room organized with this handy bedside pocket organizer and\or a 9 pocket door caddy.

Speaking of organizers, this arm chair remote caddy looks very useful!

Get ready for fall baking by sewing up a new, pretty apron.  Then make a kid-size version for your little helper!

Pajama pants! Enough said.

Transform you favorite tee pattern into an envelope tunic.

This water bottle carrier holds so much more than your workout beverage.

Feeling the urge to start fall crafting. Why not start with this fun, witch hats?

Just Like Me Dolls

09-eastondollFor me, the best part about sewing is that I can make my crazy ideas come to life. Quite awhile ago I had the idea to make dolls of the kids – not like any dolls…. actual dolls with their faces. And now my latest tutorial at WeAllSew shows you how to do it for yourself, too!

I take you through 3 different techniques to make your doll come to life: ranging for the tech savvy to no computer skills required. For my doll, I chose to use Easton’s head and drew in a cartoon (soccer) body (complete with his logo and number) because it was the silliest….. now Taylor wants one too!

These dolls make unique gifts, presents for showers, toys for babies\toddlers (great for pretend play), or presents for those that are far away…. the possibilities are endless! Plus they’re fun and simple to make. I can’t wait to see how you make yours!

Summit Pack Complete

09-summitWith all the posts last week about the Summit Pack, I am happy to be able to finally show you the results to all my hard work!

This was a bit more involved project that what I had originally intended, but the results are worth it. The instructions are easy to follow and the pieces come together well, but the sewing is definitely geared toward the intermediate level (and I would suggest, intermediate with bag making experience) given the amount of zippers, curved seams, and general sewing there is to this purse. I think my finished bag looks as good (if not better) than the Kavu Rope Bags and (surprisingly), cost about half the price. There’s also quite a few ‘details’ about this bag that I like as well:


It’s hard to take great interior photos, but this bag has a lot of space. Inside the large zippered area is another zipper pocket and a padded pocket (that’s just about the right size to slip in a Kindle). The smaller zippered compartment has a card pocket and has storage for bills (or whatever, I think a passport was mentioned originally)….. there’s also a zippered pocket on the back as well!

I’ve carried this around for several days and love it! It holds all of my necessities (if you tend to carry a large purse, you will probably find it small, though) and it’s nice to be hands free! Even though this was quite a bit of work, I can see making another one in the future – maybe with more of a ‘fall’ looking material this time around!



Linky Thursday (on Friday)

This summer was definitely the ‘season of the romper’, but this version looks to be one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

Traveling overseas just got more stylish – this passport cover is a great way to use up some of your favorite fabric scraps.

It’s almost jacket season. Get started by sewing up a pretty kimono.

Have a picnic planned for the long weekend? Whip up this blanket carrier to tote around your ground covering. While you’re at it, you may want to sew up a waterproof picnic quilt before your go!

I get very nostalgic when I see fabric rugs – my grandmother always had one in her kitchen. One of these days, I’m going to break down and try this tutorial.

Friday night football games will soon be in full swing. Stay cozy when the sun goes down with an Argyle Fleece Throw. Looking for something that will provide you with a bit more comfort? This Stadium Blanket not only folds itself into a tote, but has a matching cushion as well.

A few years ago, I went through a casserole carrier phase (seriously, everyone got one). It may be time for everyone to get updated versions…. best of all, this one takes 20 minutes to sew!

Make your office more organized with one of these tiny treasures tray and baskets. Office fine, but your purse a mess? Check out this purse organizer instead!

Looking for a fun and unique gift to give as a birthday gift? Be sure to check out this cupcake potholder tutorial. Pair it up with a matching towel and you’ve got a great set!

Before we know it, winter will be upon us. Get a jump start on the cold weather by making an adorable scoodie (scarf\hoodie) for your little one.

Have a budding chef? Whip them up a new (kid-sized) apron before they head into the kitchen.

Tired of the same patterns for pencils cases? This knotted bow version is a different take on an old favorite.


Highland Tote

09-mapbag4Normally you would expect to see Linky Thursday posted today. However, it’s also the first of the month which means a lot of new patterns are released today – including the new Bag of the Month Club! I was able to pattern test Betz White’s release, the Highland Tote and now I can finally show you my finished bag! (Don’t worry, Linky Thursday will be back tomorrow, I promise!)

I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fun making this tote – it has lots of possibilities in hardware, zippers, and fun fabrics to coordinate so this one was right up my alley. I went with my Marauder’s Map print and a faux leather. I’m going to put this out there now – do not buy this pleather from Joann it was horrendous to work with (don’t even do it for costumes folks)…. spring for the good stuff folks!

09-mapbag5The tote is very spacious and lots of pockets for storage. It’s also convertible so you can use it as a tote with straps or tuck them inside the exterior pockets and use the zippered strap (my favorite feature) as a backpack instead!

As far as sewing goes, this one came together well – it wasn’t difficult, but do expect to spend a few days putting it together as there are lots of elements to this tote. This was also my first experience using foam as an interlining…. which is much easier than what I anticipated (and holds it’s shape nicely without being stiff).

I have been carrying this one around for a couple of weeks and have gotten lots of compliments on it. I see more of these bags in my future!