Summit Pack, Day 3: Almost There

08-summitfrontDay 3 of the Summit Pack project wound up with the the front assembly pretty much complete! You can see that everything is taking shape: the zippers are all completely installed (and I love that there is a zipper flap over the main zipper on the bag) and the lining is completely finished (except for the back of the bag). Thankfully, things have come along very nicely with this except the pink Kona fabric doesn’t behave well with the woven interfacing – it just feels cheap (especially in comparison to the Amy Butler print) and makes weird wrinkles. Note to self: “Never buy this material again from Joann’s”.

I am guessing just an hour or two on this one and my Summit Pack will be complete….. but you’ll have to wait until Monday to see the results! Instead, on Friday I plan to show you a very awesome bag pattern that I got to test for Betz White for the Bag of the Month Club!

2 thoughts on “Summit Pack, Day 3: Almost There

  1. Kris C.

    Really looking forward to seeing the final product and hearing any cautions/tips for making – just found out that a friend really wants this.

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