Simple Sashiko

08sashikoThe word “Sashiko” means “little stabs” when translated from Japanese. Traditionally, these little stabs were used to reinforce (and even darning) upcycled indigo fabrics that were then used to make heavy coats. Today, we use the same techniques to create modern quilts, accessories, and home decor. Last week I received Simple Sashiko in the mail and had the opportunity to check out the projects inside.

Let me start off by saying that hand sewing is not my forte. In fact, I’m downright horrible, but there is a good explaination of how to achieve each stitch type (and knots) for every project so I am fairly confident that I could achieve similar results if I tried. Also included are the detailed instructions to how you create each stitch pattern… this has to be the most fascinating part of the book as I never thought about the process of making continuous, intricate geometric patterns before.

Besides the instruction on sashiko itself, there are also 8 projects included in the book that showcases your work. These include wall hangings, sampler pillows, totes, and home decor items like placemats and coasters.