Back to School

08-backtoschoolUnbelieveable. Summer is officially over. Easton started back to school this morning…. I can’t believe it’s time already.

This, of course, means several things:

  • Clean up the sewing room. Seriously, my room has been neglected. After several large projects this past few months, it is a hot mess. I am sure this is a day long endeavour.
  • Get the house back in order. It has been sadly neglected over the summer.
  • Do that selfish sewing. I have a growing list of things I want to work on…. plus a few “top secret” projects in the works.
  • Work on those Craftsy classes. I am pretty sure I say this every year and fall behind, but I really want to try to finish some of them

Once I’m done with the first two on my list, it’s time to get to work on my Girl Charlee Bolt fabrics that arrived yesterday.


Not only did I get another cute bag with my fabric, but there was a cute little ruler and a handy stretch guide on a card. I selected a wide range of prints from a pretty floral and the popular feather print to a┬áChristmas ‘stripe’. I don’t have any specific plans for any of them at the moment, but I’m hoping to brainstorm while I’m cleaning.