Tunic to Dress to Tee

I had mentioned on Monday that I was entering a few of my June KnitFix projects into a contest (to win more fabric). I had just enough time to squeeze in one more entry – Jalie 3245. This pattern has lots of options, but I settled on a 3/4 sleeved raglan tunic (lengthened enough to make a dress). My idea was that I would make a comfy, casual dress with the neon green stripe. What I wound up with reminded me of my grandma’s housedresses (by the way, I did wind up shortening the sleeve to a cap because I had determined that there was way too much stripe going on here).


After mulling it over, I decided to rip out the pockets (you can’t see them well in the photo, but they are my favorite part, I just love their shape) and shorten it back up to a tee length. While this is a ton better, I’m still not in love with it and I’ve decided it’s just the fabric that doesn’t work for me (I’m not sure if it’s the tiny stripe or the color, or something else).

As a side note, I did win the contest and have a 1-yard Girl Charlee Bolt bundle coming my way sometime next week (I even got to select the fabrics!)! I’ll be sure to post about that when it arrives.