Beautiful Boatneck

08-jaliestripeI don’t normally make requests when it comes to ordering a Girl Charlee KnitFix – I sort of love the element of surprise. However, when I saw the mint pink multi-strip in July’s preview, I knew I had to have it. Thankfully, they do a good job honoring requests and that is exactly what I received in my bag.

This weekend, I put it to good use and made and oldie, but goodie, Jalie 2005. I felt like this top had a nautical feel and needed to become a boatneck style…. And I love the results!

A few things about this top:

  • The fabric is pretty sheer in the oatmeal stripe sections – it’s very much like a burnout in these areas.
  • I cut the sleeves twice to get the stripes to match up. I just couldn’t handle them being ‘off’. I am extremely happy with the end result even if I wound up having to use more fabric than what I anticipated.
  • The material┬ámust also have a very high rayon content because I almost melted it with my iron!
  • The arms in this top are pretty tight. I think I could have easily gone up a size and not had it look too big on me at all. I also should have lengthened the hem some as well, it is pretty short in comparison to other tops right now.
  • I entered this into a contest to win…. more fabric. I had hoped to make a few more (I did make one more, but more on that tomorrow) to increase my chances, but never had the time to work on them all.