Give Them the Cold Shoulder

08-coldWhen it came to trendy tops this season, I really only had in mind making one peek-a-boo shoulder style top. That is until I saw Deepika’s review of Burda Style’s Cold Shoulder Top…. then I knew I had to make another.

It’s been ages since I’ve sewn with Burda’s magazine and working with this patternĀ reminded me why…. I hate tracing\adding seam allowances and the instructions are horrible. How horrible? I just winged the neckline because I was in a hurry and didn’t want to decypher what they were trying to get you to do (in hindsight, I think my ‘method’ – sewing the band to the neckline then folding under the seam allowances on the shoulder\’open parts’, then topstitching – worked just as well and was much easier than what Burda Style was asking you to do).

08-colddressThe fit on this one is spot on…. except (like many other reviewers have noted) it comes out way too long. How long you ask? This top almost became a dress. In fact, I really liked it as a dress. Unfortunately, it would be too short to wear after adding a hem so I opted to add a 3″ band at the bottom. The end result was cute, but it was still just a tad too short – when I raised my arms up over my head, I risked flashing everyone my underwear. Plus, I figured I would get a lot more use out of a shirt before I would the dress – so I chopped off the band, took 2″ off the shirt and added a wide, 1″ hem. The finished result is still longer than most shirts that I own, but it is more figure flattering than the dress (you can see how the weight of the fabric pulls the dress down making itĀ ‘blousier’, but the shirt shows off your curves a bit more.

Would I sew this again? Maybe. Although I’m not sure how many off-the-shoulder style tops I need in my closet. I may consider lengthening the pattern some to make a dress sometime in the future, though. Would I recommend it? Yes, but beware of those instructions!