It’s a Wadder

07-laytonwadderSometimes, even when you have experience with a pattern, things go wrong. I show a lot of finished projects that go swimmingly, but I think it’s just as important to show the ‘wadders’ (i.e. the ones that go directly into the trash) because even the most experienced sewists make mistakes. In my case, I had two issues: one was the fabric choice and the other was just construction.

When I received my April Knit Fix, I fell in love with the polka dots. I thought that it would make a fun Layton (you can see my previous version here), but using this print ‘all over’ might make it look like a set of pajamas… so in an attempt to make this look like a ‘two-piece’, I went with a solid top. The end result was just ‘meh’.

I might have gone ahead and worn it anyway if it wasn’t for the fact that I made a big construction error….. I attached the front of the bodice to the back of the short. This could have been ‘fixable’, but I had already sewn in the elastic around the waistband as well. OOPs. Considering the way I felt about the fabric combination and given the time it would take to rip all that elastic and seams out (I also predicted that doing this might cause a few holes in the fabric), I decided that I would just scrap this whole project. As much as I liked my first Layton, I think I’m done making rompers for awhile.



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