07-cuddleOf course during the most tropical-feeling part of the year (I’m ready for this humidity to end), I decide to work with the hottest of all fabrics….. fleece.

While I can’t show you the entire project just yet, I can say this:

  • It’s “kid approved” because Easton wanted one too.
  • It’s quick to sew, you can make this particular item in an afternoon. It is also makes for a great beginner project, too.
  • Swifter lies when it says it picks up fuzz with ease…. mine just chased around velvet soft cuddle lint across the floor. I liked cutting on carpet so I could trap the mess in one area and just vacuum it up.
  • My neighbor’s yard may have been dusted with bright colored fuzzies after shaking off all the excess from these projects!

What did everyone else work on this weekend?


One thought on “Fuzz

  1. Karen

    Horror movie themed keyfobs and coffee mugs for an upcoming horror convention! Next on to heat pads and tea towels. 😀

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