On The Go Bags – A Review

07-onthegoWith joining the Bag Of The Month Club, I’ve been daydreaming a lot about bags. So when I saw On The Go Bags recently came out, I immediately put it on my wishlist. I finally broke down and and picked it up because I decided that I needed a KAVU style sling bag which looks a lot like the one that is one the book cover.

While I like the Sporty Strap Pack (the cover bag), there’s not much else that really excited me about this title. Many of the projects inside are totes (gym, baby bag, tablet case) and organizers (for your minivan, toiletries while traveling, stroller) and seem pretty light on purses (or maybe purses that I want to make? I certainly know my husband isn’t going to be asking for the Man Clutch and the Airport Sling is similar to a pattern that I already own). Considering some of the designers involved with this project, I was really underwhelmed with the results – I really was hoping for designs that were similar to what they create for their own pattern line-ups.

It’s not to say that there’s not positive things about this book. The projects are broken into beginner\intermediate\advanced categories so this book can appeal to any skill set. The instructions look well written and from what I can tell, the projects don’t call for “special” (i.e. something that you need to order online to complete) notions or materials. Plus there really is a variety of projects inside, it’s just a shame that most of these projects don’t appeal more to me.

The Bottom Line: Glance through the projects in the book before you buy it to be sure that there’s enough you want to make out of it. Otherwise, it might not be worth the money.