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07-sewallthethingsWhy is it when you are at your busiest, you’re also the most creative? With a bunch of deadlines approaching the next few weeks, I find myself with lots of ideas (a.k.a. sew all the things).  It started when Deepika posted her review of Burda Style Magazine’s “Cold Shoulder Top”…. and I decided I had to sew it. So far, I have only gotten to the tracing part, which was a good reminder why I stopped using these patterns… so much tracing and adding seam\hem allowances that it sucks the fun out of the project for me. However, tracing the Burda pattern prompted me to print off the Desert Breeze (another off-the-shoulder look), a pattern that I purchased this summer, so I can compare the two styles.

07-coldshoulderSeeing that I may be sewing up two new tops soon, I decided that I needed a new purse too…. so I went through all my purse patterns and narrowed it down to a few that I need to sew (included in the mix was Swoon’s latest purse from the Bag of the Month Club, Emmaline Handbag’s Gabby, and Swoon’s Brooklyn Handbag (I am itching to use glitter vinyl and my new rivet hole punch and setter)….. did I mention that I have the Necessary Clutch Wallet cut out and ready to sew too? Somewhere along in there, I also discovered that I didn’t own Jalie 3024 and decided I needed it to make a few dresses before summer is over and that I still have the Agility Tank Swimsuit to make before the pool closes down for the summer (mid-August when the kids go back to school)!

The moral of the story? If you ever feel like you are in a creative slump, just start creating deadlines for yourself and you’ll find that you’re starting to burst with ideas!

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