The Siren Swim Top

06-sirenAfter buying several yards of swimsuit material this spring, I claimed, I would make all my own swimwear this year. It’s almost July and I’ve only managed to make one set…. until this weekend when I finally finished a new top – The Siren Swim Top.

I’ve only had experience with this pattern company one other time and the results were less than stellar (in short the bust was too tight and the top looked very ‘maternity’), but I really really wanted The Siren to work because I loved the style and everyone who had been posting about it look fabulous in it. My results? Fabulous.

There are several options for this pattern, but I wound up selecting the straight flounce (with back flounce) with straight straps and no cups. Because I was skeptical about my results, I opted to make a muslin in a tropical print that’s been sitting in my stash for quite some time…. now I wish I had more of it!

As for the pattern, the PDF pieces went together easily – I love that there is no trimming necessary… just tape and go! Plus, the pattern pieces went together easily when sewing and I didn’t run into any snags. Overall, it was very easy to sew – in fact, I am pretty sure a beginner could do it without too many issues. As for the fit, it’s pretty close – I think that the bands at the shoulder could be longer and, of course, the sports bra portion of the top could be longer (see above).

The instructions, though, are not great. I know that you are supposed to read the directions before you sew, but with this pattern, it’s a must. First off there is the size determination. While there is a size chart, there is also supposed to be fitting for cup sizes which I could never figure out until after the fact (basically the sports bra style tank under the flounce is lengthened) so I went with the smallest one (now that it’s finished, I should have lengthened it to the third line). I also felt that the directions don’t ‘flow’ very well into each other and you’re left bouncing around the instructions trying to figure out what you’re doing next.

With all that said, I’d still recommend this pattern. I also purchased the Hello Sailor Swim Bottoms as well, but I just don’t have quite enough material to make that pattern….. so now I’m on the hunt for something else that might work with what I have.

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