Comic Pillows

For several months, we’ve talked about changing up Easton’s room to suit his interests and personality more. We finally went to work on it this weekend which meant that I also had to move on making some throw pillows to match the theme.


Since Easton loves comics, we opted to go with a comic\superhero type theme. Hobby Lobby has a great assortment of vintage superhero posters, tin and wood comic book cover art, and decor that was the basis of our inspiration. Since ‘modern’ superhero themed prints just didn’t seem to fit in very well, I turned to Spoonflower, which had a great assortment of vintage comic book hero prints.

Two yards was just enough material to make 4 slipcovers (I prefer this over pillows, especially in a boy’s room because they are easier to clean) and a trim that I used to embellish a valance in his room. With the exception of hanging a couple of more things, his room if finally put together! Now that was a project!