Handmade Presents for Kids

06-maddieJust in time for this weekend’s birthday festivities, a crop of handmade presents! To round out the rest of the gift giving, I embellished an apron (full disclosure, I got lazy and used a purchased apron) with my niece’s name and then added Embroidery Library’s Chef Hat┬áto the end like her name was ‘wearing it.’ I think it’s adorable, but I wish that the hat wasn’t so difficult to see (and didn’t resemble a piece of cauliflower) and that I would have pushed the image over to the right just slightly. I’m pairing this up with a kid’s cookbook….. maybe I should have made a hat too?

06-carsI also managed to complete a present for my nephew: Riley Blake’s Wheels 2 Road panel. I picked this canvas print up when it first released knowing that I was going to make a play cloth for my nephew’s birthday this year, so it’s been sitting in my stash for months just waiting to be used. My original intent was to use some of the leftover construction vehicles for the back of this, only to discover that I just didn’t have enough. After digging through the stash, I opted to go with a remnant from my ‘cheater pants’ project. While it’s not the juvenile print I had hoped for, the color scheme works nicely with the grass\trees on the front of the panel. I’m pairing this up with some cars and am crossing my fingers he likes it!